Sep 282010

A journey can go a thousand ways;
o’er see, through forrest, or desert sand
Each time a new wonder
waiting around the bend

The thrill of anticipation,
to see a far and wondrous sight
An ocean beach, a twisted tree
or view from glorious height

Yet the selfish pleasure
to satisfy my curious soul
Comes with a price that
leaves me less than whole

Even more beautiful than all
the wonder I see ’round
Are the special people
on my travels that I’ve found

And then – to move on,
I know some I may see no more
It’s like I’ve been stabbed
and marked deep to the core

The horses were ready,
the coachman signalled with his hands
Time to say goodbye had come,
time to part our ways, my friends

I so wish time would stop,
if only for a while
To give me time to see once more,
each and every smile

For where I was going,
they would not come with me
Alas, that is the way it always was,
and, always will be

The driver’s getting anxious,
it’s getting dark and late
I know too – I must be going,
this, is my fate

Perhaps I will meet some
of these dear souls on another day
Until that time, I shall think
of you in a very special way

Along this trail, you’ve given
much I will never forget
The coachman cracks his whip,
the horses are set

Goodbye, fare well,
and keep thy self save, my friend
This truly has been all good,
until the very end