May 212015

RawTherapee is a powerful, free, cross platform photo editing program that is my primary post-processing tool.
The website can be found here. A bit daunting at first, but it is worthwhile spending time and getting to know how to use it.

Through trial and error (many, many of them…), I “think” I have found a very useable custom profile that I can apply to pretty much any raw file I have. I have tested it on raw files from Canon 1D (classic), 20D and 5D Mk1 and my Fuji X10.


Grab the file, unzip, and place it in your profiles folder. In my system, openSuse 13.2, the profiles folder is in


If you find this and try it out, let me know how it worked for you!

Jan 182014

Recording from the Christmas concert that our church choirs at Transcona Memorial United Church (TMUC) put on. The sound is a bit flat, and my voice is, well… mmm… judge for yourself. I hadn’t sung in days struggling with a nasty cold that kept me coughing and blowing my nose. On the morning of the concert I couldn’t even speak. Gradually throughout the day I managed to get my voice back and was able to participate in the almost 2 hour concert. I was scheduled to sing almost at the end. Not sure if that was a good, or bad thing. Accompanied by Steve who provided rhythm to keep me in time, I managed to finish the song without coughing and hit the “F” without choking… 😉

Jan 042014

With wonder
and delight

And saw
the seasons
after month
after year

Our planet
the sun

More wonder
in my
own mind

he’s grown
after month
after year

This boy
now taller
than me,
my son