Jan 202011

I turn the light off
and close my eyes
Our Father
in the hope of
losing myself
which art in Heaven
in a dreamless
sleep and
not wake up
Hallowed be thy Name
before my alarm
Thy Kingdom come
shocks me into the
realization that
Thy will be done
another day
is waiting
On earth as it
to be filled with
thoughts I wish
is in Heaven
I didn’t have.
Give us this day
Maybe tomorrow
our daily bread
will be a better
day filled with
and forgive us our
enough distractions
to keep my mind
trespasses as we
from going where
it hurts all
forgive those who trespass
the time.
Maybe. Hopefully.
against us.
And if there is a
chance to clearly
And lead us not into
see what I should
be doing, please
temptation but deliver us
let me understand
what You are trying
from evil.
to tell me.

Jan 182011

I want to paint
with a brush
big enough
to erase
the mistakes

I want to paint
with a palette
rich enough
to create
pure magic

I want to paint
with a heart
sad enough
to show
the pain

I want to paint
with eyes
clear enough
to see
the end

Jan 132011

This was such an idyllic moment. When I saw this elderly couple sitting together in this porch, I envisioned having that same kind of closeness with a loved one when I get old.