Jan 122011

As I drive in silence
almost in reverie
of the night

The city seems surreal
empty streets bathed
in yellow light

The dark sky and land
now changing hues
announce the day

In awe at the sight
I find I fold
my hands and pray

Leaving dawn behind
through birds eye view
a scene unfurls

Clusters of light on
snow covered ground
through misty swirls

The melancholy
feeling almost gone
I rest my head

And think about a love
that once might have been
but never really had

Jan 112011

It is not some
treasure in a
far and strange

Or a hidden
clue in the
palm of your

Some think it is
buried deep in
the mind or

Others believe
the secret is
too hard a

Live life as if
it truly is
a beautiful

And in the end
you will be glad
that you have

Jan 062011

Hoping to
rid my
mind of
The Unattainable

Clear thoughts
focus on
all but
The Memory

Then discover
something refuses
to kill
The Hope

Jan 052011

I’ve heard of
energy flow and

Mind over matter
astral projections
one-ness and

Aren’t they all
a way to explain
we really don’t

How our lives
have been created
by God’s own

Is it so difficult
to accept we
are more than a
scientific fact

And true meaning lies
with faith hope
and love being our
biggest act

Jan 042011

Gisteren avond keek ik
naar boven en
zag duizenden sterren
in de zwarte nacht

En de glimmerende puntjes
miljoenen jaren ver
vertelden mij van hoop
en gaven me kracht

Om te beseffen dat zolang
ik kan genieten van
Zijn scheppingen die
in de hemel staan

Mijn leven genoeg waard
is voor Hem om
steeds maar moedig
door te gaan