Jan 042011

Blue neon angels with
Golden trumpets and halos
Strung along snowflakes and
Holly on lampposts herald
Peace and goodwill triumphantly
To all without a sound
As I drive home

While the man on the radio
Talks about violence and sex
In comic books and his hopes
Of a multi-billion dollar
Franchise complete with
Action figures of the heroes
For young children

And I think to myself how
Fitting the metaphor of the
Silenced divine messengers among
Passersby in the night where
Violence and greed are eagerly
Explored after the Christmas
Sale signs have disappeared

Jan 032011

Reality rips through me
like a fever
shredding everything

And every time I
think I’ve healed
the fresh wounds open

I wish I could simply
deny the constant
haunting day and

Oh to wake up in the
morning and see
everything in new

Please give me strength
dear God
as I keep wondering

If I can ask you to
stay with me
until my tears are

Jan 032011

Will I ever find
is this chaos really

To find the peace
I seek
to see my future
not so bleak

Jan 012011

During my most
lonely times
and despair
was my constant

Time was
and had
no effect
on me

Except for
all the time
you were
on my

How insanely cruel
that thinking
of you
replaced joy
with pain

And yet
pushing you away
so I can live
seems more
cruel still

Dec 302010

Lying in the dark
I pray
and from my heart
silent words find
their way

Please help me
when to love or
to let go
for alone I can’t

The stifling threat
of dark
no longer
mars my mind
or leaves its mark

And quiet settles in
my soul
through divine grace
a sense of peace
becoming whole